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What's New - "KIP KC80"

Aljazeera Printing Co. (JPC)  now offers the World's first wide format toner based printer, with an output speed of 17 seconds for one A0 in full color

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Pull Up Banner Displays - Alternative Uses

By: Chris Ball
Most companies use banner stands and other items for displaying at trade shows and other such events to advertise the products and services that they supply. Banner stands are perfect for this because of their size and relative ease of use, plus their economic cost versus other display stands is second to none. The high visitor traffic at an exhibition or event allows the banner display to be seen by as many visitors as possible, delivering the business information to these visitors at full effect. They are also ideal for transportation and storing because of the way they are created with these things in mind.
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Basic Information On Print Envelopes

By: Kaitlyn Miller
Print envelopes although they are considered as just accessories, play a crucial role when marketing any business or company. As many business owners try to reach out to their target clients through inexpensive mails and letters, envelope printing has become as important as the documents inside them. With everyone trying to save their budget nowadays by using direct mail marketing, envelopes have reached new popularity with the business owners and marketers.
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Glossary of Specialist Printing Terms

By: Robert Stevens
Creating your own marketing materials can be very rewarding – both financially, and personally. You get to have complete control over the process, highlight what you know are your best and most important features, and save some money. However, when it comes time to do your brochure printing business card printing or letterhead printing, it can get pretty involved! Today we give you a quick run-through of some of the terms you'll need to know to ensure your printing job looks the way you expect it to.
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8 Tips You Didn't Know For Sending Your Design To The Printer

By: Robert Stevens
Along with all those years of theory learning and practical experience in creating designs, when you hire a pro designer you also get a whole lot of incidental knowledge about utilizing printing services to get the best result for a design. There is a purpose for all of the dozens of image file types, export options and print settings, though most of us are blissfully unaware of them! Today we tap into that pro knowledge to help you get the same picture-perfect result for your own company marketing materials.
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Product Description

Produce production prints at over 2,000 square feet per hour with the KIP Color 80 wide format color printer. The KIP Color 80 is ideal for posters, signs, photo enlargements and technical documents. It efficiently prints, copies and scans wide format color documents at full-speed regardless of image complexity or color density and is available with a variety of options to suit your application.


Capable of producing monochrome or color collated sets, the printer outputs architectural, engineering and construction documents rapidly and with exceptional quality. Plus, the dry CMYK toner produces vivid prints on all types of media that don't fade, bleed or deteriorate. The KIP Color 80 is compatible with standard bond, photo gloss paper, technical and graphic vellums and films, billboard blue back and self adhesive substrates from 18-32 lb bond and 3-4 mil film.



As traditional technical documents and creative applications converge, wideformat document production requirements have become more diversified.


Full-color, oversized renderings, sketches, photographs, and product designs are frequently used in combination with purely technical drawings. The KIP Color 80 enables business professionals to effectively convey ideas and information by leveraging visual appeal and technical accuracy.


KIP KC80 is effective in crating technical documents for:



KIP KC 80 is best solution for:

  • Architectural

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Product Manufacturers


  • Project and Facility Management

  • Aerospace and Technology

  • Utilities and Telecommunications

  • Federal and Local Government



The KIP Color 80 system produces lightfast, UV-proof prints which do not fade or exhibit color deterioration from exposure to light. Colorful banners, bulletins, and signs posted in hallways or placed in windows attract attention while large, full color business-style graphics deliver the right message at meetings, sales presentations, and legal briefs. KIP Color 80 prints are ideal for most applications because of their ability to deliver high resolution image quality at production print speeds with low operational costs.


KIP KC80 is effective in crating technical documents for:



  • Commercial and Prepress Printing

  • Digital Publishing

  • Corporate Office

  • Graphic Arts

  • Point of Purchase

  • Education

  • Exhibition

  • Litigation