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Architechtural and Engineering documentation and 3D modelling

Scanning and Imaging

Digital imaging ensures business documentation can be reproduced without reducing image quality. If necessary we can even enhance your images or convert to a suitable file format. Aljazeera Printing Co. Limited (JPC) has embraced digital technology ensuring the highest reproduction standards. Our experienced team has an imaging solution for all types of formats and sizes.
Document archiving providing you with a headache? While many documents are no longer required for day to day operations, the information contained is a valuable resource or it may a necessary legal requirement. Our team values your privacy and respects the sensitive nature of company information. Aljazeera Printing Co. Limited (JPC) has a document archive solution for your business records.
Remember, no matter what size or quality your original is supplied we have an imaging solution.


▪ High End quality Drum Scanning of transparencies, negatives, photographic prints, original artwork
▪ Scitex Flatbed Scanner for material not suitable for drum scanning.
▪ Suitable for offset printing, newspaper & publication work, all forms of digital printing, silkscreen & Internet.

Digital Photography

▪ Studio based photography suitable for product type shots, for catalogues, publications, brochures and web pages.
▪ ORC scanning (Optical Character Recognition)
▪ Image manipulation and retouching
▪  CD burning
▪  File conversions and archiving

Large Format Scanning

▪  Scanning of plans, maps and originals in colour or black and white for archiving or printing up to 1250mm.

Electronic AD Transfer (via Quickcut)

▪   Electronic transfer of ads to most major publications and newspapers throughout Australia


▪   Architectural or Engineering documentation
▪   Detailed aerial surveys or 3D modeling reproduction
▪   Tender document preparation
▪   Pre-press artwork for publishing and offset printing
▪   Image enhancement and reproduction


▪   Document scanning and archiving requirements
▪   Optical character recognition scanning (OCR)
▪   High resolution flatbed or drum scanning available
▪   Large Format scanning in colour or black and white
▪   Scanning solutions for a large range of formats and sizes
▪   Photographic and image enhancement services
▪   File conversion and pre-press capabilities
▪   Comprehensive range of finishing solutions

Large Format Scanner & Printer

Scanning documents in colour or black and white. In digital format to archieve

Scan a large range of raster formats, including PCX, BMP, TIFF and JPEGS

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Scan & Imaging