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Textile Printing Solution

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Fabric printing for indoor and outdoor use. Aljazeera Printing Co. Limited (JPC) print promotional flags, teardrops, table cloths, chair covers, backdrops for stages and buildings, interior design concepts and visual presentations and large format spring banners
Sublimation textile printing has many advantages over traditional solvent based techniques. Outstanding resolution and high density inks make it possible to get a clear and sharp printed product combined with the flexibility and durability that polyester fabric provides. The sublimation process produces a glossy image which will last years without fading. It is waterproof, washable and does not suffer from excessive folding and creasing. The most important feature is the true to life colour reproduction and absolute brilliance.


▪ Indoor and outdoor promotional flags: Teardrip, Elite, Wing
  or custom flag sizes
▪ Corporate events: Table cloths and chair covers
▪ Hanging textile banners
▪ Stage or event backdrops
▪ Interior design concepts and visual presentations
▪ Textile printing for Hotel branding
▪ Real estate advertising


▪ Sublimation textile printing technique
▪ Durable and easy to transport
▪ Extended product lifetime over traditional textile printers
▪ Large format printable area up to 1800mm width
▪ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application
▪ True to life colour reproduction and absolute brilliance
▪ Waterproof
▪ Washable and does not suffer from excessive floding or creasing

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